Things You Will Never Believe to Find in The Dumpster

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We rent a dumpster whenever we want to get rid of things that cannot be utilized anymore, or when we produced wastes after doing a house renovation or remodeling – so it contains mostly of garbage and waste. But what you do not know in dumpster rental San Francisco and other local dumpsters are that the things they find there can be spooky and weird sometimes to the point that we wonder about the stories behind every weird thing in there.  

Our team has gathered some stories from different dumpster trucks about some weird things they found out in their dumpsters after the renting period.  

1.Animal Carcasses  

Renters are generally permitted to dispose of some organic materials in the dumpsters, but it seemed like few individuals abuse this privilege even to the point of violating some rules in the terms and conditions of the dumpster rental. In one interview, Steve mentioned that he found out some skins of raccoons and deers frozen at the bottom of the dumpster. What made this story interesting and spooky at the same time was when Steve admitted that it was not the first time that he saw animal carcass in the dumpster.  

2.Thousands of dollars 

One family was able to find thousands of dollar’s worth by the matchbox cars just before the container was taken away by the truck. The Matchbox cars were worth up to 5,000 dollars. 

3.A human Gallbladder  

This story came from a contractor that was assigned a contractor who was assigned to remove hazardous waste from the hospital. Everything went smoothly until the hospital called him and the company to open the container so check the human’s gall bladder that was accidentally thrown. It was supposed to be used for a cancer experiment.  


One collector was able to notice and identify several gallons of human urine. The container was filled by a residential building. It was said that it came from a family living undocumented in a motel that decided to pee in jugs to prevent the motel in finding out the numbers of occupants in the room.  

5.Drugs and bodies 

This is the truth that is saddening to hear: this is not the first time that we hear stories like finding out some drugs, needles, and even dead bodies tossed into the container.  


It is usual to find some bottles and boxes of milk in the container, but what is unusual is when you find a three inches deep milk inside the whole dumpster container. When the driver found out about it the milk was already curdled, and turned into a “some-kind-of-a” cheese substance. 

There are still many weird things that contractors were able to find in their containers and trucks besides what we have mentioned above. These include weird stuffed animals with human outfits, lived animals, and others. While we get amused by finding out amazing things in the containers, we believed that they are unnecessary and that people need to be more responsible for what they toss away in the dumpster that they rent.  

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